A Leader in UX and Interaction Design Higher Education

Utah Valley University is the first university in Utah and the surrounding area to offer a 4 year, Bachelor of Science degree in UX , or as the program is called: Interaction Design. Being a student of the program, I’ve heard multiple industry designers and managers praise the program, but I still have a sense that people don’t know what is offered. …

Translating Experiences

Photo by Miika Laaksonen on Unsplash

Recently I have been studying the importance of recognizing differences in culture and how it can affect interactions in design. On top of studying intercultural communication, I’ve been reading lots of Japanese manga. Over the years, I’ve read a great deal of manga and own many of the boxsets and volumes to different series such as Naruto, One Punch Man, Dragonball, Fullmetal Alchemist etc - there’s many.

This summer I’ve been making my way through the Shonen Jump series “Bleach” by Tite Kubo since it’s a series I’ve always glanced at, but never committed to reading. As I…

Designing a Debut

When planning a project for 2020 at the start of 2019 it can seem far off, but when it comes to planning, meetings, revisions and building the designs, May 2020 can come fast. Beginning in May of 2020, UVU will be hosting the annual Intermountain Engineering, Technology & Computing conference (IETC) that will begin with UVU and make its way round each of the prominent Utah universities each year. …

Mag[+]nificent publication

Many publications today are taking steps to make their content accessible to a wider audience and when doing so they are making tweaks to involve the consumer with interactive elements. A paper publication is designed in layouts that are simply for reading, the most interactive some can get is the scratch and sniff perfume advert. Now with the inclusion of digital publications into the industry, strides have been made as more content can be included at little cost and without cluttering an existing layout.

At the time of writing this, I work as a product and graphic designer…

Learn. Win. Survive

The Royal Armouries, Leeds, England

Having grown up in Nottingham, England I’ve had the opportunity to experience a lot of history and see many artifacts from the past; Its one of the benefits of being born and raised in a country that has been established for about 6,000 years or so. One of my highlights of England that I recommend to all is a museum in Leeds called the Royal Armouries. Simply put, it’s a museum that covers wars, battle, weapons, armor, hunting and anything else that pertains to those genres. I went there a few times growing up and go every-time…

Well, what are *you* waiting for?
Little Boy on Tricycle:
I don’t know. Something amazing, I guess.
— The Incredibles, 2004

Like the above scene from The Incredibles (Pixar, 2004), my other team members and I were thinking of a subject that was universal, enjoyable and simply, “cool,” that we could build our iBook around. We knew that we could making “something amazing” by using the Disney/Pixar Incredibles movies as a subject and its inspiring material. …

Finding balance between file size, look and output quality

We’ve all had a time when we’ve seen a low resolution image or video online and it forces us to squint and reel back a little in disgust. I’ve found myself groaning when online streams suddenly buffer and change to 420p. Its safe to say that we have become accustomed to a near HD quality in this age of constant technology and that anything lower than 720p resolution is an eye-sore that diminishes any hope of continuing as we usually hit the refresh button or simply exit.

Knowing that quality is…

For The Greater Woof

When asked to create designs for a website, I opted to redesign a non-profit site as a way to display my skills but also create an experience for an organization that may not benefit from an updated look and feel. I chose Paws for Life as I love dogs and knew that I could create a simple and inviting experience for visitors of the site. In this update, I created wireframes, a style guide, high fidelity compositions and prototypes.

The Concept

While it was apparent that the website could use an updated look, I also asked the question…

Creating a Next-Level Ninja Experience

After the legendary manga series of “Naruto” ended in 2016, there was a slight void that was quickly filled by supplement novels that kept the story alive through the eyes of supporting characters. These novels told of how the ninja-world was affected after the end of Naruto’s saga, and overall was intended to act as filler stories with a few more consequences. The book that I chose to enhance in this process was the first released novel that follows one of my favorite characters. …

Re-Imagining For An Immersive Experience

I was given the task of reworking an audiobook and seen as I’m a comic reading person, I found it difficult to choose from the small collection of books I’ve read; It shouldn’t have been difficult, I know. Luckily there is a book that caters to all my pop-culture knowledge and got me excited with thinking about redesigning cover art and other elements. That book was “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline. With reworking the audiobook, it wasn’t a matter of just replacing the files with a new cover. …

Josh Wilsher

UX and Interaction Design.

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